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July 05 2017

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I feel like this joke has been done before but I still wanted to draw it.

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Liv Tyler, by Piermarco Menini

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Wonder Woman by  Cutiepiesensei Cosplay

“ It’s about what you believe in. And I believe in Love.”

Cosplayer instagram / facebook  / tumblr

Photo by @idruthat

Get the comics here

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Same height party



imagine walking in and being taller than the standard height and everyone groans because they have to change into taller shoes

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Gavin struggles to break free of his zip ties while Ryan just fucking breaks them apart

Whut the…….

July 04 2017

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This judge had exactly the right reaction to the shameful way nonviolent prisoners are treated in US jails

A woman was denied pants or tampons after being arrested for not completing a diversion course that was part of her sentencing from a shoplifting charge. But see how the judge reacts when she finds out that the prisoner’s humiliating treatment is apparently routine.

Gifs: Raw Leak


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The U.S. Military was going to support the production of Independence Day by providing advice, supplies, and greater access to facilities, but they backed out after learning of the film’s many references to Area 51. Source Source 2

Click here for 16 more facts about Independence Day.

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“Where’s Cassidy?”
“He had to do something

- Requested by anon

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#so what bitch


Just a reminder that in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Mary Jane Watson is a lonely girl who seems happy on the outside but suffers abuse at home that shapes her perception of herself for years to come, as each and every let down seems like a direct result of her own failure as a woman and a person, We see her fight for what she wants, stand up for herself, grow empathetic and forgiving and generous with her heart, be flawed and selfish and angry and human, chase after her dreams, and continue to fight every day through the mundane cycle of life because by the end she finally knows she deserves to be happy. And that is a hell of a character arc. And I’m still grateful we got it.

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you know how if you ask someone where they are from, they’ll tell you their country of origin like “Norway” or “India” or whatever but Americans are all “my parents are originally from ohio but i’ve lived in utah forever until i moved to houston- NY not TX haha” 

okay ashleigh you could’ve just said usa, but no you expect the whole world to know every state in your country when your 23 year old ass can’t point to china on a map. so now i’m on urban dictionary bc i thought SoCal is an artificial sweetener

THIS IS MY FAVORITE DUMB AMERICAN THING??? it captures the entire experience of being an American. it seems super dumb and self-centered to anyone who isn’t from here but it is completely comprehensible to any other American and also NECESSARY because most states are size of European nations and we have the same weird hateful feelings towards one another??? so I need to explain to you why you shouldn’t hate me like, bitch, you better not think I live in Texas bc fuck those guys MY STATE DIDN’T VOTE FOR GEORGE BUSH

yesterday, @freekicks accidentally referred to California as a country and I launched into a spiel about how we’re big enough and have the fifth largest economy in the world (SUCK OUR DICK) and she told me to go fuck myself and that’s how you know I’m a Californian (and she is a New Yorker)

but ALSO we are intensely competitive about how authentically whatever we are so you can’t just say you’re from New York when you really grew up in MINNESOTA and just moved to New York as an adult so I need to tell you that my FAMily is from SoCal and I spent a bunch of my childhood there bc I can’t say I’m Californian just bc I’ve lived here for four years DOESN’T COUNT

but I am Californian bc I’m a snotty asshole and also I say “the 5” when I’m talking about freeways and I eat too many avocados and I know how to pronounce Vallejo and La Jolla

Other Americans may find the distinctions important, but it still absolutely comes across as dumb and self-centred to the rest of us xD

I mean, it’s been over six years since it happened, but I still distinctly remember the first time I heard an American answer that question with “the USA”. It was his first time hanging out with my friendship group, and there were maybe a dozen of us there from as many different countries – and every single one of us was like wait, what??!?

Literally before any more introductions could happen, the entire conversation devolved into the rest of us bitching about how Americans always expect the rest of the world to know and care about the differences between their states and cities. (As if other countries don’t have deeply entrenched local identities and rivalries. And the size argument falls a bit flat when you’ve got people from China, Australia and Brazil in the room.)

In this case it turned out our new American friend had spent quite a few years living in Europe, where he’d picked up on the fact that this is something that the rest of the world finds slightly exasperating.

On the flip side, as an American who intensely identifies as being from her home state, Delaware, and who intensely feels a deep loathing for New Jersey, and when asked where I am from will say Delaware but more importantly, southern Delaware since there is a deep cultural divide in my home state… it’s always weird to me people don’t say like province/area/city and just say the country. 

A lot of Americans honestly think of themselves as their state/home city before we think of ourselves as Americans.

It gets easier if you view the US as kinda like the EU - a bunch of separate city states waffling towards a common goal and global front.    The US isn’t like most countries in that all the little sub-areas (states, territories, regions, whatevs) are minorly important, each state in the US is like its own little country, so they absolutely do get as nationalistic about them as everyone else does.

That’s exactly it. The government structure is similar to that also. And admittedly my thing is when I would tell people I’m from America, they assumed LA or NYC. And that’s definitely not true.

Culturally, many states and many cities are so distinctly different from one another that it’s literally not fucking useful to just say you are from the USA, that statement means absolutely nothing because you might as well say you are from Africa ok? There’s too much going on. You learn absolutely nothing about someone if they just say they’re from the USA.

to prove the point even further, Batman’s last paragraph (above) specifically refers to SOUTHERN California even, not even Northern California. “The 5” is the linguistic distinction. Lol

yessssss, you passed the secret test, although I did include Vallejo as my token NorCal shoutout.

also, Superman, who is from the Bay Area (BECAUSE OF COURSE HE IS), makes fun of me for saying “the 5″ and it’s super disrespectful. what an asshole.

My problem is being from NorCal but having SoCal parents and exended family so I still say THE 5 but all other freeways are 101, 39, etc.

@willtherealmadridpleasestandup: It’s really annoying when Americans expect everyone else in the world to know and care about the minutiae of their local regional differences


It’s also worth noting that different cities and states are going to have had vastly different immigrant populations from different countries, which influence the local culture even if a given individual is not actually descended from people of that ethnicity.


See and I’m currently living in Texas, but I’m not FROM Texas and to me that is an important distinction, as Texans have a certain reputation. If I’m asked where I’m from I generally say Washington State (if you say just Washington most people assume you mean D.C.).

Or if I’m pressed I’ll say something about spending my childhood in Minnesota and I graduated high school in Washington.

Also you can tell if someone is from Western Washington if they pronounce Puyallup or Sequim correctly.

I like how people outside of the US think this is annoying, but all that shows is that they ALSO know fuck all about us. You think it sounds pretentious, but if you actually understood cultural norms of the United States (you know, that thing you bitch about us not knowing about you), you would understand why this is so important. 

If I say The USA, that could either mean I’m from some backwater red state that voted for Fucktrumpet, is trying to do away with Roe Vs. Wade (the right to an abortion for all of those who don’t care enough to learn - only enough to bitch), and could possibly currently be under investigation for voter discrimination.

OR I could be from a liberal blue state that fights for wellfare and medicare, voted for Hillary (and Obama), and believes in government reform that helps all people. Not just some white asshole who thinks privilege is normal and everyone else is just lazy.

But you don’t know that. It would be like saying ‘I’m from the EU’ where you could be from either Germany or France, both of whom have current kick-ass leaders, or you could be from the UK (for now at least) who has an obnoxious twat currently holding the highest seat.

So next time you want to piss on us for caring about where we’re from over here, because we know how much that represents us, maybe do your OWN goddamn research and learn about why that is before you shit on something you clearly do not understand.

oh my god I can’t believe the USA invented political diversity

I joked with friends earlier today that I was going to start having a drink every time a new American completely missed the point of this post. Thankfully said friends advised against the idea because if I’d followed through with it I’m pretty sure I’d already be dead from alcohol poisoning.

Please. Stop. Amerisplaining the USA’s cultural diversity to us. We GET IT. We UNDERSTAND the importance of local identity, of intranational diversity, of local allegiances and cultures and political views. We get it because literally every country in the world has deeply complex and important and diverse local divisions and identities. 

This. Is. Not. A. Uniquely. American. Experience.

Which is the whole point of the OP. Do you really not think that other countries have regions divided along political lines? Do you really think Germany and France are homogeneous entities whose entire populations are represented by their “kick-ass leaders”? Do you really think that the entire population of the UK can be represented by Theresa May?

The egocentrism that frustrates us here is that Americans assume their social, political and cultural diversity is unique, while assuming that other countries can be summed up in a single cultural or political shortcut or stereotype.

For the love of god, please leave your exceptionality complex at the door. We KNOW how much you obsess about your state and city identities because god knows we’ve been drowning in the media of your cultural imperialism our entire goddamn lives. What exacerbates us is that you fail to recognise that our complexity and diversity and local identities are ALSO A THING.

Are you kidding me right now with this backwards bullshit? First off, that actually WASN’T OP’s point, but sure, twist it how you want. OP was not talking about their country’s diversity, or the fact that we either ignore/don’t care that ‘other countries have regions divided along political lines’, as you put it, but explicably shitting on Americans for talking about their own. Thats it. That is literally what OP was doing.

So no, you self-centered neophyte, you DON’T know what it’s like, since you seem so quick to dump on those who feel the need to express their cultural difference based on the region/state they’re from (which is the irony to end all ironies since you people ALSO like to shit on us for acting like there’s no culture other than ‘murican culture). You clearly have NO CLUE that each state here really is its own mini-country, which is WHY saying you’re from TX instead of Cali is the same exact fucking thing as saying you’re from Spain instead of Switzerland. If you got that - if you truly, genuinely understood that - then you wouldn’t treat us like garbage for wanting to express our differences.

Saying I’m from SoCal does not make me…what was that word you used? Oh, that’s right, egocentric. All that makes me is someone who, just like YOU, wants to express where I’m truly from on a cultural level.


I mean, fair cop that you can’t see what I see when OP likes my replies to this thread, but here are the two posts they’ve liked since the start of this discussion:

America is not the only country in the world with cities that are culturally vastly different from one another. But Americans do seem to be much more likely to assume that non-Americans know about the cultural differences between their cities, and therefore that introducing themselves as from a particular city will be meaningful to non-Americans.


@willtherealmadridpleasestandup: It’s really annoying when Americans expect everyone else in the world to know and care about the minutiae of their local regional differences


OP’s post was highlighting the difference between the knowledge Americans assume non-Americans have about their country, and Americans’ lack of knowledge about non-American countries. Their point was that many Americans’ egocentrism leads them to act like their internal cultural diversity is unique in the world, when they’ve never bothered to learn anything about the cultural diversity within other countries, or to understand that there are other countries that are far more internally diverse than the USA is. Their point was that Americans treat absolutely typical intranational cultural variation as some kind of American exceptionalism, and expect everyone else in the world to do the same.

What we’re talking about here is a symptom of US cultural imperialism, where the rest of the world is expected to know and understand far more about what goes on internally in the USA than vice-versa.

The fact that Americans such as yourself keep coming back and acting like we non-Americans simply don’t understand how ~special~ and ~diverse~ your different state identities are is literally. The exact thing. We are exasperated about. 

Your state identities are not special. Your city identities are not special. Your cultural diversity is in no way unique. You’re taking something that the entire rest of the world sees as a natural part of every country’s internal politics and identities and acting like it’s some kind of ~American exceptionalism~.

(I’m not even going to touch the idea that the cultural diversity within the USA is on par with the entire continents of Europe or Africa. I’m just not.)

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July 02 2017

Netflix is producing a zombie show set in Medieval Korea





The show comes from director Kim Seong-hun, and it will be about a prince going on a quest to “investigate a mysterious outbreak that leads him to a brutal truth that threatens the kingdom.”

Kingdom will premiere on Netflix around the world in 2018.

Hey everyone, look! Something on Netflix made by Asians about Asian culture featuring… Asians!

I’ll be watching this instead of Iron Fist, that’s for sure.

Or deathnote.

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of Wonder Woman!

The first major female superhero film has risen to become the top-earning movie in the DC Extended Universe lineup, earning $325.1 million in just four weeks.

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