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June 12 2017


It’s exactly a year since the Pulse shooting so I wanna give a dedicated shout out to the Latinx lgbt+ community who were directly targeted last year, but continued to stay strong and resilient and are still here celebrating and showing pride with us. I hope you’re all having a safe and wonderful pride month 🌈

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is it time for frank cho and milo manara to die or what

That’s basically a naked woman I’m YELLING

What a pervert. What the FUCK does he not know how clothes work? What the hypothetical fuck is she wearing then if we can see all that?

It’s like how bath towels in comics miraculously wrap completely around breasts. Or how even when injured and dead on the ground women in comics have to be twisted into “sexy” poses. Or how women in comics walk like they’re in high heels even barefoot. 


It’s the only way men know how to draw women, because to them female characters are only there to be sexy. They only think of “women” as exploitative costumes and camera angles, high heels and titillation. Sex objects to ogle, plot objects to further male heroes’ narratives and drama, not heroes to cheer for. 

I’m sorry, I was labouring under the impression that this was the crowd that thought women should wear what they want..?

And that applies to fictional women who are depicted by men how? You can’t apply agency in the plot to something metatextual when it comes to fictional characters. 

Come on, let’s not pretend this is a male exclusive thing.

We’re going to have this argument are we? Not to mention you’re deviating from the original point that attributing agency to fictional characters’ clothing is asinine. 

What you have here are images of power, and do you really believe these characters are designed with titillating heterosexual women and bisexual and homosexual men in mind? Because I don’t think you do.

This is why the Hawkeye Initiative exists. Take common female poses in comics, put a man in the role, and see how “empowering” and “strong” it actually looks: 




He got the painting for fighting against ‘censorship.’ Note that they handed him a gross design of a female being objectified, because at the end of the day, that is all they really want, to be allowed to objectify women. They don’t care about censorship in general it is about their ability to sexualise and degrade women without consequence.

You can see her butthole for chrissakes

I think the best imagery I’ve seen to explain the difference between what men think male objectification is vs what women actually want to see is the Hugh Jackman magazine covers.

Hugh Jackman on a men’s magazine. He’s shirtless and buff and angry. He’s imposing and aggressive. This is a male power fantasy, it’s what men want to be and aspire to - intense masculinity.

Hugh Jackman on a women’s magazine.  He looks like a dad. He looks like he’s going to bake me a quiche and sit and watch Game of Thrones with me. He looks like he gives really good hugs.

Men think women want big hulking naked men in loin cloths which is why they always quote He-Man as male objectification - without realizing that He Man is naked and buff in a loin cloth because MEN WANT HIM TO BE. More women would be happy to see him in a pink apron cutting vegetables and singing off-key to 70s rock.

Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE.

This is the first time I have EVER seen this false equivalence articulated so well. Thank you.


Jesus Christ this post is only from last year

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Especially when during one of those golf weekends, he hosted a costume party, the theme of which was literally Versailles. This is the kind of shit that if you put it in a novel, your editor would say it was a bit too on the nose.

the quick, rundown list of what lead to the French Revolution: the top 10% of the population owned all of the countries wealth, the nobles refused to pay tax, taxes are raised on the poor instead, the nations budget wasted in pointless wars, and unqualified people meddled in goverment affairs…sounds awfully familiar 

You’ve gotta be kidding me there’s no way that really… [link: Vienna to Versailles: Trump presides over Red Cross Ball at Mar-a-Lago]

This country is jumping the events-leading-up-to YA dystopian novel shark every damn week, I swear.

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Heath Ledger ( on the set of the TDK )

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stranger things cast friendships: Joe Keery & Charlie Heaton

“He’s got great hair. Amazing hair. He’s not a bad kisser, either.” 

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he sleeve too big for he gotdamn arms!



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reblog the babadook’s lesbian cousin samara

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“I’m not getting myself into anything, I’m already in it. Hector wants to use my dad’s business…”

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“Here’s to whoever said Mondays can’t be fun #bettercallsaul all NEW TMRW” (via Michael Mando on Instagram - 06.04.17)

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“Don Hector, more espresso?”

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